When witnessing a fight, do you intervene?

Your heart rate beats faster.  Your adrenaline starts flooding your senses, “fight or flight”?

I just found a parking spot that was tight, but legal.  A man who appeared to be in his 50’s with a camera and Rastafarian hat says, “I’m leaving you can take my spot” as he witnesses me inspecting my bumper creeping over  the driveway entrance.This is an are that has mostly vacation or second homes, very few full timers.  In fact I have parked in this are many times and never saw anyone at that house or in the driveway.  I have also seen the old salty dog in that white work truck with his tarnished yellow long board covered in a thrashed bag that was held together by threads.

Then I received a head shaking accompanied with a disappointing look  from an old salty dog parking his utility work truck in the driveway that I was barely intruding upon.  I could see the disappointment in his look so I asked, “is this ok?” 

“Fuck no it ain’t ok, this is my cousin’s house and if she comes home, which she probably won’t, she’ll be pissed.”   Decreasing his anger after the initial “Fuck no it ain’t ok.”and hearing his own words he continued to improve his attitude with each word and was not upset by the end of his lecture.  That, and the fact he was parked in her driveway taking up the whole space led me to believe I could have stayed, but will move anyway to the spot that was offered to me a mere 10 yards up the hill.  Much more space and it might befriend the old local salty dog, always a plus when you are not as local.

Just then the man offering me his space is entering his car to leave, shouts to the salty dog, “he can park there if he wants, what’s wrong with that?!” Instantly I ask myself why is he getting involved, just as he is leaving and giving me his space resolving any parking issue, and he was not part of the discussion to begin with.  “It’s my cousins driveway and it ain’t ok!” barked the salty dog. “Who  are you? That parking spot is fine and what are you doing in the driveway!” says the camera man now getting out of his car halting his movements towards leaving, choosing to stay and involve himself. The salty dog shouts back, “it’s my cousins driveway, I can park here!”

The calm peaceful morning has just erupted in a matter of seconds!  They exchange a few more words and threats of anger and threw in a I’ve been coming here since 73′ while the salty dog claims to have been coming here since 63′.  The salty dog grabs his board off his truck in intentionally swings it within inches of the camera man’s face, who then shouts as he spreads his arms in a jesus on the cross like way, “go ahead hit me asshole, I want every penny you got.”

I would like to post this scenario to the community and ask what would you do in this situation?  In one week I will post my interaction, and the outcome of this formerly peaceful morning.

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  1. #1 by Alec on December 6, 2011 - 3:54 AM

    Interesting story. I prolly wouldn’t have even bothered asking the ’73 if my parking job was acceptable if I honestly felt I wasn’t blocking the driveway.

    It also seems like ’63 and ’73 may have some history that you aren’t aware of. Maybe ’63 has seen ’73 pull this before and has just been fed up with it.


  2. #2 by trevcrovitz on January 31, 2012 - 5:39 AM

    light up a spliff and pass it to them??? WTF man you are so chill, these scenarios usually avoid you


    • #3 by supodyssey on January 31, 2012 - 6:04 AM

      Unfortunately, there are a few of these haters and angry folks that are part of the surfing community. Or as a fellow female surfer commented “they have sandy vaginas”!


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