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Paddlesurfing in Nor Cal

Jeff Gehring of stand up paddlesurfing some chest high waves in Northern California.  Buoys reading around 9 ft. at 11 seconds and light winds.  I think the core workout and proprioceptor workout were more of a challenge than the paddling.  Another great day to be in the ocean.  More great surf and swells are on their way as we enter into the best time of year for surf in Northern California.


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Stand Up Paddleboard Surfing in Marin County

Still recovering from my cold and needing more natural neti-pot, I went out to Dillon and sup surfed for about 3 hours.  Buoys reading around 9ft. at 11 seconds and variable winds.  Sun was also out today, but the water was cold, about 50 degrees.  Another great core workout and continuing to rebuild my proprioceptors.  Tide was dropping slightly adding a bit of northerly current.

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Beautiful sunrise on my way to the ocean for my first sup surf in about 10 days.  Had a nasty virus that took me out, preventing me from doing ANYTHING!  Light winds and a swell of 8 feet at 11 seconds made it a day for Dillon.  Waves were inconsistent and mostly sectioned, but a few clean shoulders came through every now and then.  Returning to the SUP made me realize how much of a workout it is to just balance on the board. My proprioceptors were firing on overdrive just trying to stand.  I made it through a 2.5 hour session and was exhausted for the last hour.  A great workout combined with natures neti pot (ocean flushing through your sinuses) was just what I needed.  I could breathe and sleep for the first time in weeks!  Great day to return to the water.

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